Sustainable development

As the largest Russian energy holding, RusHydro Group is fully aware of its responsibility to the government and society and is focused on the development of socially responsible business, while pursuing a consistent policy of introducing elements of sustainable development into its operational and management processes relying on Russian and international best practices. Sustainable development is an important value and is outlined in the Company’s strategic goals.

The Company adheres to the corporate social responsibility concept as defined by ISO 26000. According to the standard, a company is responsible for the impact of its decisions and operations on society and the environment and must act in a transparent and ethical way that:

  • promotes sustainable development, including public health and well-being;
  • takes into account the expectations of stakeholders;
  • complies with applicable laws and international standards of conduct;
  • is integrated into the operation of the entire company and is applied with regard to its stakeholders.

One of RusHydro Group’s strategic goals is to ensure the reliable and safe operation of its facilities, taking into account the economic feasibility of funds allocated for mitigating possible risks and reducing potential damage.

The Company is committed to increasing the share of renewables in the country’s energy mix by means of commissioning new facilities and increasing the generation of clean energy, while also improving energy efficiency.

RusHydro Group’s another priority is its contribution to the development of the regions where it operates. RusHydro Group facilitates the growth of welfare, creating new jobs, paying taxes, and delivering positive multiplier effects by developing energy infrastructure (connection of new consumers to power grids, water supply, etc.). RusHydro Group supports education, culture, sports, and environmental protection and provides assistance to socially vulnerable population groups across its footprint.

A comprehensive approach to addressing RusHydro Group’s sustainable development objectives ensures the most efficient transition to low-carbon development with minimal environmental impact, as well as compliance with all occupational health and safety standards for employees and residents across the Company’s operations.