Role of federal and regional governments in the investment program development [EU19]

Our cooperation with the country’s federal and regional governments extends beyond developing and reviewing our investment program, with working on proposals and updates to energy policy papers (the “Policy Papers”) also on our agenda. These documents include:

  • the schemes and programs to develop regional energy systems (the “DSPs”);
  • the Scheme and Program to Develop the Unified Energy System of Russia (the “UES DSP”);
  • the general layout of power generation facilities in Russia (the “General Layout”); and
  • the territorial planning layout for the Russian power industry (the “TPL”).

Both the DSPs and the UES DSP focus on developing the grid infrastructure and the generating capacities, meeting the mid- to long-term demand for electricity and heat (capacity-wise), and creating a stable and favorable environment for investments in the electricity infrastructure.

The General Layout provides a foundation for organizing the power generation facilities and the grid infrastructure in a way to proactively balance production, consumption and capacities in UES Russia and technologically isolated local energy systems, prevent the forecasted power and capacity shortages, identify the key locations for placing transmission lines and sub stations, and ensure the normal operating conditions for UES Russia and the actual output from new power plants.

The TPL aims to consolidate data on prospective energy facilities of federal importance, including their types, purposes, names, key specifications, and locations.

RusHydro Group works to ensure that the Policy Papers contain only the most recent information on its energy facilities and plans, providing materials, commentary and suggestions as necessary.

The Group’s cooperation with regional governments extends to drafting proposals and updating information on heating layouts for Russian cities and towns.

Developing and updating heating layouts for cities and towns across the Far Eastern Federal District ensures efficient and safe performance of heat supply systems and help improve them as heat suppliers within RusHydro Group upgrade their fixed assets and implement energy conservation and efficiency initiatives.

RusHydro’s subsidiaries have participated in public hearings on heat supply schemes for the Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and Artyom urban districts and other Far Eastern municipalities.