Rehabilitation and modernization program

The rehabilitation and modernization program draws upon the Comprehensive Modernization Program. While focused on ensuring adequate maintenance and commissioning new capacities, it differs from the Comprehensive Modernization Program in that it looks to replace equipment on a case-by-case basis, bringing more advanced alternatives to RusHydro’s facilities. Its other priorities include extending lifespans of the core generation equipment, reducing production costs and enhancing the overall economic efficiency.

Driven by the need to ensure long-term reliability throughout its technological complex, JSC RAO ES East Subgroup runs its own rehabilitation and modernization program (as part of its investment program). The development and implementation of this initiative is regulated by RusHydro Group’s Technical Policy.

The rehabilitation and modernization program saw Anadyr CHPP launch its first gas power boiler under a gasification agreement signed by RusHydro and the Government of the Chukotka Autonomous Area in May 2017 to carry out an extensive upgrade of the plant’s equipment and build gas pipelines. It took less than a year to build the infrastructure for an on‑site gas pipeline and gas distribution station, implement key utility systems and rehabilitate the boiler to feed on natural gas. All gas equipment has been pre-commissioned successfully. The plant feeds on the natural gas coming from the Zapadno-Ozernoye field, which is operated by Sibneft-Chukotka.

RusHydro’s Dagestan branch commissioned Miatlisnkaya HPP’s hydropower unit No. 2. Now all HPP’s turbines were replaced (hydropower unit No. 1 was upgraded in 2015).