Our people

RusHydro’s HR policy is aimed at developing the potential of its employees and using it to pursue the strategic goals of RusHydro Group.

The employees of RusHydro Group are the Company’s key asset. The Group’s power facilities in Russia and abroad are staffed with professionals with extensive operational experience and superior technical expertise. The HR policy of RusHydro seeks to unlock the potential of its people and use it to deliver on the strategic priorities of the Group. RusHydro is committed to promoting workplace stability by adopting a socially responsible attitude towards its employees, which means that the HR strategy is closely linked to the Group’s social policy. In particular, the Group protects the social and economic rights of its employees, ensures their fnancial stability and social guarantees.

Employee overview

As at December 31, 2018, RusHydro Group employed 69,665 people (including RAO ES East Subgroup, facilities in Russia and abroad), down by 816 employees, or 1.2%, compared to the previous reporting period.

Most of RusHydro employees work full-time (98.6% for RusHydro Subgroup and 99.6% for RAO ES East Subgroup) and under permanent employment contracts (87.5% for RusHydro Subgroup and 97.2% for RAO ES East Subgroup).

RusHydro Group – headcount The RusHydro Group headcount figures for 2016 and 2017 may be different from the previous annual reports due to changes in the reporting boundaries applied in 2018 report. , people
Headcount by country and region as at December 31, 2018 [102-7], [102-8]
Country, region Headcount, people
Central Federal District 3,858
Southern Federal District 621
North-Western Federal District 919
Ural Federal District 311
Far Eastern Federal District 52,801
Siberian Federal District 3,439
Volga Federal District 3,557
North Caucasian Federal District 3,727
Foreign countries
Republic of Armenia 401
Republic of Tajikistan 31
Workforce by gender, region, type of employment and kind of employment contract [102-8]

Gender distribution varies depending on the category of employees. In the management cohort, there are 3 times as many men as women; in the white-collar category – 1.7 times as many women as men; and in the blue-collar category – 4 times as many men as women, which reflects the specifics of RusHydro Group’s operations.

26% of RusHydro Group’s employees are aged 35 or younger. One of RusHydro Group’s key tasks on the personnel management front is to attract young talent.

Workforce structure as at December 31, 2018, people [102-8], [405-1]
Workforce structure by age, people [405-1]
Seasonal employment [102-8]

RusHydro Group hires seasonal labor. In 2018, one seasonal worker was hired to control water flows from Lake Sevan, 27 workers were hired for the heating season, 62 workers were hired to manage children’s recreation camp Energetik during the summer vacation, 16 workers were hired to restore ice fields and ski trails.


RusHydro Group recruits staff, including management, on a competitive basis. This approach enables the Company to recruit motivated people who meet the qualification requirements and have potential to grow professionally. Candidates of any gender, age and nationality are allowed to compete for vacancies, with professional skills being the main selection criterion.

In 2018, RusHydro Group created 1,253 new jobs as the scope of work increased and additional power capacities were put into operation.

Entry-level wages at RusHydro Group are either equal to the statutory minimum monthly wage or up to 9.4 times higher than that depending on the region of presence, which means that RusHydro is a competitive and reliable employer. [202-1]

Percentage of employees who will reach retirement age Age of retirement on general or special terms. in the next 5 and 10 years [EU15]
Indicator 5 years 10 years Total in the next 10 years (on an accrual basis)
people Employees who will reach retirement age during 5 years from the reporting date (in 2019–2023). % people Employees who will reach retirement age in 5 to 10 years from the reporting date (in 2024–2028). % people Employees who will reach retirement age during 10 years from the reporting date (on an accrual basis, in 2019–2028). %
RusHydro Group 6,856 9.8 7,718 11 14,574 21
Management 1,131 10.6 1,372 13 2,503 24
White-collar employees 1,586 7.4 2,040 10 3,626 17
Blue-collar employees 4,139 11.0 4,306 11 8,445 22
Total number of employees starting or leaving employment at RusHydro Group in 2018, by age, gender and region, people [401-1]
Region <25 years 25–34 years 35–44 years 45–54 years >55 years Total
Starting employment
Central Federal District 45 19 98 72 91 79 44 44 68 35 595
Southern Federal District 14 1 11 1 13 5 9 1 3 2 60
North-Western Federal District 19 10 9 15 7 6 10 4 7 13 100
Far Eastern Federal District 829 312 1,724 870 1,378 753 815 425 511 268 7,885
Siberian Federal District 38 29 89 74 86 82 48 45 58 37 586
Ural Federal District 3 0 5 2 3 2 2 0 3 0 20
Volga Federal District 79 5 183 28 135 18 74 11 34 7 574
North Caucasian Federal District 160 3 269 23 179 33 161 24 114 11 977
Republic of Armenia 0 0 6 2 6 2 2 1 10 2 31
Republic of Tajikistan 0 0 2 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 5
Total 1,187 379 2,396 1,087 1,899 981 1,166 555 808 375 10,833
Leaving employment
Central Federal District 32 15 92 90 81 74 51 30 127 61 653
Southern Federal District 15 0 11 2 14 3 6 0 14 5 70
North-Western Federal District 9 1 12 15 5 6 5 4 14 25 96
Far Eastern Federal District 456 180 1,477 713 1,274 824 1,004 567 1 605 840 8,940
Siberian Federal District 21 11 65 58 66 86 67 51 85 65 575
Ural Federal District 4 0 2 1 4 1 0 2 7 6 27
Volga Federal District 63 1 166 19 140 22 59 9 84 26 589
North Caucasian Federal District 76 4 171 22 109 17 115 16 109 17 656
Republic of Armenia 2 0 10 3 8 2 6 2 14 3 50
Republic of Tajikistan 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total 678 212 2,006 923 1,701 1,035 1,313 681 2,059 2,059 11,656
Personnel assessment

The Corporate Hydropower University, a branch of RusHydro, assesses employee potential to join the Company’s management talent pool using various professional and managerial competency appraisal methods, including the Assessment Center.

The Company’s employees are also tested for adequacy to the job and have their professional, business and personal qualities and achievements assessed. Managers and white-collar employees, regardless of gender, are assessed once every three years. [404-3]

Further professional training

To achieve its strategic goals, RusHydro Group participates in the development and integration of occupational standards, develops employee professional and managerial competencies, implements career guidance programs for talented students. For this purpose, RusHydro Group implements advanced personnel development programs, builds a talent pool and trains employees.

The continuous training system serves to develop employee competencies to meet their current job requirements and to be promoted as part of the talent pool arrangement. The Company offers employees professional retraining opportunities, including in accordance with occupational standards.

RusHydro Group’ s personnel training and development costs rose to RUB 339 mn in 2018 as the Company held the 8th biennial All-Russia HPP Operations Staff Competition and the Open Corporate WorldSkills Competition in the reporting year and also increased spending on employee training under the education license issued to RusHydro’s Corporate Hydropower University in December 2017. Specifically, the Company increased training hours, conducted out-of-office sessions, developed new training and methodological materials and updated the existing ones in accordance with occupational standards and requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for advanced and occupational training.

Key areas of employee training:

  • Statutory training under the requirements of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia, the Federal Service for Labor and Employment, and other controlling authorities;
  • Technical and statutory trainings required for performing job duties;
  • Management and leadership trainings;
  • Project management training;
  • Corporate governance training;
  • Graduate degrees;
  • Second professional degree.

In 2018, RusHydro Group provided 36,537 training courses to its employees under corporate training programs, further professional education and occupational training programs. RusHydro became the first company in the Russian power sector to implement in 2018 a project for professional and public accreditation of programs run by its corporate training centers based on occupational standards. In particular, the Company’s Far Eastern centers in Magadan, Khabarovsk and Artyom (Primorye Territory) were awarded accreditation certificates for the next 7 years.

Percentage of RusHydro Group employees who undergo periodic performance and career development appraisal, by gender and category (% of total headcount across the specified category), 2018 [404-3]

Average hours of training per employee [404-1]
Average training expenses for different employee categories in 2018, RUB/ people
RusHydro Group’s personnel development costs, RUB mn
Lifelong learning and training programs that support the continued employability of employees and assist them in managing career endings [404-2]
Form of training Frequency
Further professional training At least once every five years
Occupational training As required by regulators, in case of retraining for a new career
Occupational retraining As required for operational reasons to enable employees to do a new type of work or to receive additional qualifications as well as for talent pool training
Corporate trainings On an as-needed basis when required to solve specific tasks
Internal training in production and technical skills Annually
Short-term training programs (seminars, conferences, forums) Annually, with the content depending on business needs
Distance learning Annually, with the content depending on business needs
The Corporate Hydropower University

In 2018, the Corporate Hydropower University developed 10 occupational retraining programs and 44 further professional training programs for operational staff in accordance with the education license issued in 2017. 153 employees were retrained in 5 programs, 190 employees received further professional training in 14 programs. Furthermore, the Corporate University conducted 51 corporate programs for other RusHydro Group personnel, with 3,244 employees participating in 2018. 12,356 distance training courses were completed. Training sessions covered employees of RusHydro and its subsidiaries.

Training at the Corporate Hydropower University
Employee categories Number of courses
Onsite Online
RusHydro, including: 2,466 10,875
managers 1,200 2,921
white-collar employees 1,029 5,396
blue-collar workers 237 2,558
Subsidiaries 1,121 1,481
Total 3,587 12,356

In 2018, RusHydro held its Corporate WorldSkills Russia Juniors Competiton in Electrical Installations at the Sayano-Shushensky training center of excellence of its Corporate Hydropower University. The competition was entered by 14 juniors up to 16 years old from orphanages in Rybinsk, Nevinnomyssk, Perm, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk and Sayanogorsk under the patronage of RusHydro.

The winning team participated in the 5th National Championship of Cross-Industry Working Professions in High-Tech Industries –WorldSkills Hi-Tech 2018. Team RusHydro came fourth in the Electrical Installations category among juniors aged 14 to 16.

In October, RusHydro’s branch Volzhskaya HPP, the Volga Training Center of the Corporate Hydropower University and the Volga Branch of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (National Research University) hosted a corporate championship of professional skills in operational and technical control of hydraulic units and auxiliary equipment, according to WorldSkills standards. 21 hydraulic unit operators from RusHydro’s branches and subsidiaries as well as other electrical power companies, aged up to 28, and three fourth-year students from the Volga Branch of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (as part of a trial demonstration exam) participated in the championship.

Talent pool

In order to ensure management succession, improve management appointment process and to incentivize employees to enhance their professional skills and knowledge for career development purposes, RusHydro Group has management talent pool building and development programs in place.

The programs are divided into two levels. The talent pool for any given position is a specially trained group of employees from the headquarters and branches, who combine strong leadership competencies and professional skills commensurate with corporate requirements for a particular managerial position.

In 2018, the Company arranged and conducted the following talent pool training modules:

  • Occupational training;
  • Personal performance improvement;
  • Project management;
  • Production asset management;
  • Digital transformation.

161 employees were trained in these modules.

In 2018, 10 employees from the first group of talent pool candidates for key positions at the chief engineer’s office defended their diploma projects and completed training under the talent pool program. The diploma projects were written under the guidance of mentors from the production unit and assessed by an expert committee for applicability at RusHydro Group, the maturity and viability of the projects.

The Company’s young talent pool called “Internal Source of Energy” is a group of young specialists up to 30 years old, who have been assessed and selected as potential professionals and/or leaders and receive regular targeted training to improve their qualifications.

The “Internal Source of Energy” project is aimed at identifying, developing and retaining young talent. In 2018, the third intake of young professionals completed a modular program that covered project management, operational excellence, finance for non-finance managers, and went on to work on their diploma projects to be presented at a later stage. a new pool of young talent will be selected and trained in 2019.

Apart from offering training modules for talent pool candidates, RusHydro Group arranged a number of other events for young employees in 2018, including participation in industry-wide competitions in innovation, the engineering training initiative Technological Leadership School run as part of the Youth Day at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and development of young people’s vision of technological growth of Russia’s energy sector in the context of global trends until 2030. The vision was elaborated in the format of a competition among young energy professionals. The research by RusHydro’s young specialists won the competition and was showcased to the Ministry of Energy during the Youth Day of the Russian Energy Week.

In 2018, RusHydro’s young specialists participated in the 8th International Forum of Young Power Professionals and Industrialists called the Fast and the Furious 2018. It was for the first time that the vast majority of RusHydro’s branches and subsidiaries, including those from the Far East, were represented at the event. At the forum, the Young Employees’ Community started work under the guidance of RusHydro’s senior management and experts. The key goals of this professional community are as follows:

  • to communicate RusHydro Group’s values to young people;
  • to position RusHydro Group as an employer brand across its geographies;
  • to create opportunities for proactive young employees;
  • to develop young employees’ competencies and skills and create opportunities for promotion at RusHydro Group.

The community operates, on a voluntary basis, to implement joint projects, share experience and practices, search for new, more efficient approached and solutions to deliver on RusHydro Group’s strategic priorities. The community set the key project streams as follows: Technology Leadership, Professional Development, Health and Safety, Comfortable Environment in the Regions of Operation. For each stream, community participants designed a work plan for 2019 and determined mentors from among the managers and experts of RusHydro’s headquarters.

The first project implemented by the community in 2018 was a virtual walking marathon across RusHydro Group’s sites called “Walking from the Far East to North Caucasus” aimed at promoting a healthy life style and building communications among employees. 6,000 employees from 28 regions participated in the walking marathon. The project won the first prize in the Life Style nomination at the 9th International Competition for Internal Communication Projects INTERCOMM-2018.

Personnel management system development plans for 2019

In 2018, RusHydro Group established a Qualifications Assessment Center as a separate legal entity to assess employees for compliance with industry occupational standards. In September 2018, the Energy Sector Occupational Qualifications Council authorized the Qualifications Assessment Center to conduct independent assessments of professional qualifications under the occupational standards for the electrical and heating power sector. The assessments will be conducted starting from 2019, in line with statutory regulations, as an occupational examination, which includes a theory test and a practical section to check skills and competencies.

The tests will be run in Moscow as well as in the Volga Training Center of the Corporate Hydropower University, the Artyom Training Centers in the Far East, and the Dolzhenko Personnel Training Center of DGK’s branch Khabarovsk Generation. The examination board will include RusHydro production experts, who contributed to the development of occupational standards and assessment materials.

In 2019, RusHydro Group, at its Sakhalinenergo Training Center, will hold the 2nd corporate competition for operations staff at cross-connection thermal power plants. Teams from DGK, Kamchatskenergo, Magadanenergo, Sakhalinenergo and Chukotenergo will take part in the competition.

Other plans for 2019 include:

  • the 1st Corporate Engineering Case Championship of Innovation and Work Improvement Proposals called Ratsenergy;
  • the 2nd Corporate Championship WorldSkills Russia Juniors in Electrical Installations;
  • the Industry (Corporate) Championship for protective relaying and automation of hydropower plants and pumped storage power plants, arranged to WorldSkills standards; and
  • a conference of RusHydro Group’s young talent community at the International Innovation Forum of Industrialists and Power Professionals called the Fast and the Furious 2019.