Charity projects and volunteering

Charity programs

RusHydro pursues charitable activities in accordance with the Company’s Charity and Sponsorship Policy approved by its Board of Directors (Minutes No. 280 of December 7, 2018).

The main objective of RusHydro’s charity programs is to set the stage for sustainable development in the Company’s regions of operation, foster a favorable social environment and help unlock Russia’s spiritual, scientific, technical and intellectual potential.

RusHydro’s charitable priorities include:

  • education;
  • environment;
  • healthcare;
  • sports;
  • culture;
  • support of social institutions and organizations;
  • initiatives promoting the social and economic development of the Russian regions;
  • support of charitable foundations and non-profit organizations;
  • improving the living standards of low-income households and people in need.

Support for educational institutions translates itself into technical upgrade initiatives and implementation of educational projects. In 2018, RusHydro provided financial support to 18 kindergartens, 28 secondary schools, 10 music schools and community centers, 13 centers of additional education and leisure for children and youth, and five universities.

RusHydro staged the 10th edition of the Energy for Development contest for undergraduates and postgraduates of technical universities, aiming to put in place a long-term framework for consistent professional training in the energy sector and facilitate industry-specific education. Over the years, some 1,000 undergraduates and postgraduates submitted their applications to take part in the contest, with several dozen winners opting to pursue a career in the energy sector after the competition.


RusHydro’s environmental initiatives include oBEREGAi, an environmental program designed to clean up the banks of local water bodies, and a project offering students a wide choice of environmental sessions, festivals, contests, excursions focusing on local history and culture, field schools and classes in the school’s forest and nature reserve facilities during their vacations. the Company provides support to specially protected natural areas (nature reserves, protected areas and national parks) at both the regional and national levels. As part of the Ecological Paths project, an additional tourist route was laid out in the Prielbrusye National Park, with the number of nature trails created in 15 regions of the Company’s operations reaching 23.


Every year, in the run-up to the Energy Worker’s Day, RusHydro holds an Energy Born charity event, aiming to provide maternity hospitals, perinatal care centers and maternity wards from across the Company’s footprint with state-of-the-art medical equipment. In 2018, as part of this initiative, the Group purchased cardiotocographs / fetal monitors, neonatal intensive care units, air recirculation and irradiation systems, electrocoagulators and pulse oximeters for 14 healthcare institutions.

The total number of medical organizations benefiting from financial support in 2018 reached 21.


A total of 26 sports schools and football, basketball, hockey, tennis, chess, water sports and martial arts clubs from the Company’s regions of operation became eligible for charitable assistance, with sports equipment and accessories supplied with the support of RusHydro. Moreover, young athletes from the patronized sports schools now have an opportunity to participate in European and international competitions to vie for gold and silver medals.

Financial support was also provided to the Russian Whitewater Slalom Federation, Russian Union of Martial Arts, Russian Judo Federation, Karachayevo-Cherkessian Regional Sports Federation of Kyokushin, and Yenisei-STM Rugby Club.


For several years now, cooperation with the Russian Geographical Society has been one of RusHydro’s major projects in the realm of culture. Last year, the Company provided financial assistance for the Society to put in place a grant fund designed to encourage research on natural disasters and rare animal species, while also supporting the organization’s publishing activities and environmental and geographical expeditions.

Financing was also allocated to ensure the preservation of cultural and historical heritage by upgrading a wide range of cultural institutions, including museums, community centers, and libraries. the financial assistance provided by the Company made it possible to stage a large number of creative festivals, contests and exhibitions and to promote book publishing.

Support of social institutions and organizations

RusHydro pays close attention to the problems of children without parental care and kids with special needs. In 2018, 18 orphanages and asylums and 9 rehabilitation centers for children and teenagers became eligible for financial support. the Company’s charitable assistance helped upgrade and refurbish the institutions’ facilities, prepare orphan undergraduates for adult life, furnish playgrounds for children with special needs, purchase special educational equipment, set up rehabilitation courses, and organize educational excursions and sports competitions.

Support of charitable foundations and non-profit organizations

Funds were allocated to support 35 charitable foundations and non-profit organizations at the regional and national levels. This financing helped implement socially significant charitable projects in the Company’s regions of operation, including the Far East, focusing on education, environment, healthcare, sports, culture, support for low-income families and people in need, and initiatives promoting the social and economic development of the Russian regions.

In 2018, charitable foundations benefiting from the Company’s financial assistance included the Vera Hospice Charity Fund, Center for Humanitarian Programs, Russian Children’s Foundation, Live Now Charity Foundation, and Illustrated Books for Little Blind Children, a regional charitable foundation. the financial allocations were used to lend a helping hand to low-income households and distressed families.

Each year, RusHydro’s Board of Directors approves the Company’s Charity and Sponsorship Program. In 2018, the total amount of allocations under the charitable programs stood at RUB 1,240.5 mn, with funds used to support charity and socially significant projects and programs in RusHydro Group’s regions of operation.

In the Far Eastern Federal District, the social projects of critical importance for the macroregion and its residents are supported by the Far Eastern Energy Company, Far Eastern Generating Company, Far Eastern Distribution Company, Yakutskenergo, Magadanenergo, Sakhaenergo, Kamchatskenergo, Energotranssnab, Teploenergoservis, Yakutsk Energy Repair Company, UESK, and Kolymaenergo. Boguchanskaya HPP and International Energy Corporation also make significant contributions to the social development in the regions of the Company’s operations. In 2018, RusHydro’s subsidiaries allocated some RUB 120 mn for charitable purposes in addition to the funds earmarked under the Company’s Charity and Sponsorship Program, with support provided to orphanages and asylums, boarding schools, rehabilitation centers for minors, educational and cultural institutions, children’s performance groups, sports clubs and societies, and veteran organizations.

Programs to promote skills and knowledge in the professional community or across the region

As part of RusHydro’s advanced personnel development program – From New School to Workplace, an extensive student and undergraduate engagement exercise has been launched across the Group’s footprint. This effort seeks to raise awareness about the importance of engineering and blue-collar jobs as a prerequisite for the development of the energy sector in the Company’s regions of operation. the central element of RusHydro’s school-based talent pooling exercise comes in the shape of career-oriented educational programs (energy classes) launched in nine regions across the Company’s footprint. In 2018, 670 school students of the ninth to eleventh grades completed training under such programs. 2018 also saw the launch of optional classes in Theory of Inventive Problem Solving and extra-curriculum engineering activities for more than 400 students from the Company’s technical creativity centers (technical workshops).

Each year, the Company holds Energy for Education, an industry-specific school contest which has attracted over 5,000 students since its kick-off. In 2018, 680 schoolchildren submitted applications to take part in the online competition, with 20 winners admitted to the final stage of the nationwide Energy Sector Hope school contest.

The brightest participants of career guidance projects become eligible to join Energy Summer School, a corporate R&D camp run by RusHydro on an annual basis. In 2018, the summer school was hosted by Novosibirskaya HPP. the event was attended by 32 schoolchildren from 14 Russian regions (including those enlisted in RusHydro’s energy classes) who prepared and presented six team projects focusing on synergies between Novosibirskaya HPP and the nearby megapolis.

In 2018, the Company became a partner of discipline-specific and project-based sessions in the Russian Children’s Education Centers (Sirius, Oсean, Smena, Orlyonok) as part of RusHydro’s career guidance program, with 462 high school students attending the events.

In 2018, RusHydro became a theme-based partner of ProeKTOriYa, a national career guidance forum, which was attended by students of energy classes from Rybinsk and their mentor. As part of the forum, experts from the Corporate University staged a hydropower case solving competition with online contributions from the employees of Saratovskaya HPP and the laboratory of Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

The key 2018 event in terms of collaboration with professional educational institutions was RusHydro-sponsored opening of the Institute of Hydropower and Renewable Energy Sources (part of Moscow Power Engineering Institute) designed as a single center for education and training of engineers specializing in hydropower and renewables. the training center leverages the capacities of the departments of Hydropower and Renewables, Hydromechanics and Hydraulic Machines, and Innovative Technogenic Safety Solutions, which are responsible for training bachelors, masters and postgraduates in the key areas of the Company’s business. The Institute established a united center for education and training of engineers in hydropower and renewables.

The training center was based on the following departments: «Hydropower and Renewables», «Hydromechanics and Hydraulic Machines», «Innovative Technologies of Technogenic Safety», which train bachelors, masters and postgraduates in the core specialties of RusHydro.

Volunteering initiatives

RusHydro Group promotes corporate volunteering, encouraging individual and team-based involvement of its employees in socially important projects.

RusHydro’s corporate volunteers take an active part in oBEREGAi, an environmental program designed to clean up the banks of rivers, reservoirs and lakes in the Group’s regions of operation.

RusHydro employees also participate in blood donation campaigns organized by the Company jointly with the Blood Service, with up to 75% of volunteers foregoing their compensation for charitable purposes.


RusHydro has received numerous corporate awards confirming the Company’s commitment to raising awareness about energy sector jobs and providing training opportunities to students and undergraduates across the regions of its operation:

The Company won a first grade award in the Technology Transfer nomination at Enabling Our Future, Russia’s fifth nationwide contest for best employer practices in human capital development.

At Graduate Awards 2018, RusHydro came in the third place in the nomination for the Best Schoolchildren Engagement Program with its project focusing on the implementation of career guidance initiatives at the Information Center for On-site Training in Cheryomushki.

RusHydro won the 2018 Leaders of Russian Business: Dynamics and Responsibility contest sponsored by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, receiving an award for its contribution to the social development of the Company’s regions of operation. The key evaluation criteria included contributions to solving economic and social problems, efficiency of proposed projects and initiatives, and replicability of gained experiences outside the company.

Young Energy, a program aiming to provide social and professional guidance for children from orphanages, won:

  • the first place and the Grand Prix in the nomination for Collaboration Synergies of the Enabling Our Future contest held as part of the Moscow International Education Fair (MIEF-2018);
  • ranked second in the nomination for the Best Program (Project) Promoting Volunteering in Russia at the awards ceremony of the Leaders of Corporate Charity in Russia 2018 initiative;
  • came in the second place at Champions of Goodness, Russia’s first nationwide corporate volunteering contest; and
  • made it to Top 20 in the Social Mentoring nomination in the first edition of Russia’s Best Mentoring Practices competition.

The Company holds charity fairs, with proceeds donated to the charitable foundations’ treatment, rehabilitation, training and development programs. Volunteers are also involved in fundraising and drives for people in need. In 2018, as part of the Suitcase of Goodness campaign, the Company’s volunteers collected over 2,000 toys for kids undergoing treatment in children’s haematology centers and oncology hospitals. Over one hundred gifts were collected before the New Year to cater for the basic needs of the elderly people placed in care homes or under custody of the Vera Miloserdiya foundation.

RusHydro’s employees arrange tours around the Group’s facilities. In 2018, more than 4,000 tours were organized for students in an attempt to stir interest in engineering and energy sector professions among the youth.

Annually, RusHydro’s volunteers come to schools from across the Company’s footprint to give over 15,000 schoolchildren lessons about energy saving technologies and energy security.

RusHydro Group’s corporate volunteers stage festive events (as part of the Brightest Christmas Tree initiative) and collect stationery (as part of the Get Ready for School campaign) for children from distressed families and kids placed under the custody of socially responsible charitable foundations, orphanages and boarding schools.

On occasion of the Energy Worker’s Day and other holidays, corporate volunteers come to visit retirees at their homes and organize retiree meetings enabling energy sector workers of different generations to share their experiences. On such days, volunteers from RusHydro’s North Caucasus branches clean up areas around monuments to Russia’s defenders and organize excursions to the Caucasus Mountains to honor the heroic deed of soldiers who died in defense of the North Caucasus region during World War II.

In retail companies, RusHydro’s corporate volunteers teach pensioners how to use their personal online accounts and give digital literacy classes.

In 2018, RusHydro Group mobilized its volunteers to streamline the implementation of Young Energy, a program aiming to provide social and professional guidance for children from orphanages. the volunteers helped children choose a career path, prepare for exams and studies at specialized technical schools, and seek employment with RusHydro or other companies. the program covering nine regions of the Company’s operations has been in place since 2013. RusHydro’s volunteers are the main driver behind the initiative. In 2018, 120 volunteers took part in the Program.

Volunteers work with children on an ongoing basis, having encouraged more than 55 students to take specialized training at technical schools. Five of those students are now employed with the Company. Volunteers regularly arrange socialization and career guidance events for children living in orphanages. These events come in all sorts of formats – from financial literacy classes and lessons in independent living to a series of occupational insight sessions, professional tests, and tutoring courses.

Since 2015, the Company has been using a training program for participants of the WorldSkills Russia Juniors championship as one of the main career guidance and professional development tools for orphans and children without parental care. RusHydro is the only company with children from orphanages in its teams.

In 2018, volunteers organized a large number of socialization and career guidance events for children, including:

  • preparation for the WorldSkills Junior championships;
  • visits to the Company’s facilities;
  • lectures and workshops on technology and energy (for example, Denis Ivashkin, Head of Energy Market Support Novosibirskaya HPP (RusHydro’s branch), delivered a lecture on renewables in our life for children from the Novosibirsk Orphanage);
  • creative workshops (decoupage, scrapbooking, drawing contests, etc.);
  • clean-up days;
  • energy efficiency and financial literacy lessons, rundown on the Constitution of the Russian Federation, etc.;
  • festivals held on occasion of the New Year, Defender of the Fatherland Day, International Women’s Day, Maslenitsa, school graduation, Knowledge Day, Energy Worker’s Day, etc.;
  • visits to cultural events, theatres, exhibitions, etc. (for example, on February 2, 2019, volunteers from Volzhskaya HPP (RusHydro’s branch) took children from the Volzhsky Orphanage on a trip to the Panorama Museum of the Stalingrad Battle (Volgograd) to commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad);
  • sports events and contests (football and volleyball competitions, school sports days, rafting excursions, health days, etc.).

The Company’s volunteers organized a training session for children from Lastochka Orphanage (Republic of Khakassia) in an attempt to facilitate their transition to adult life after they leave school. Moreover, additional training in maths, Russian and physics is available to orphans and children without parental care as part of their preparation for the high school graduation exams and entrance exams at technical schools.

A team of volunteers led by Natalya Gordeyeva, an HR specialist at Volzhskaya HPP (RusHydro’s branch), helped Denis Tsygankov, brought up by Volzhsky Orphanage, to successfully pass entrance exams at the Volzhsky branch of Moscow Power Engineering Institute.