Water use and discharge

With most of its operations based around water bodies, RusHydro Group is a major user of national water resources.

RusHydro strictly adheres to the applicable Russian laws and timely obtains all necessary permits and licenses for water use and protection of water bodies from the authorised government agencies. The Company’s water withdrawal activities have no significant impact on water sources. [103-1]

In 2018, RusHydro Group’s water consumption increased by 5.86% y-o-y to 786,864,000 m3, with 97% of water taken for operational purposes. [303-5]

Impact on water bodies

The Group’s waste and drainage water is discharged in strict compliance with the applicable Russian laws. The rights to use water bodies for such purposes are confirmed by relevant permits and licenses duly issued by the authorised government agencies. The same permits and licenses set out the applicable discharge limits. In 2018, waste water discharges totaled 601,506,000 m3. [303-4]

Waste water discharge by treatment method, ‘000 m3 per annum [303-4]