Share capital and securities

RusHydro’s authorized capital As at December 31, 2018

The authorized capital State registration number of the issue: 1-01-55038-E, dated February 22, 2005. of the Company amounts to 426,288,813,551 ordinary shares, each with a par value of RUB 1.

Additional share issuance

On June 1, 2018, the Board of Directors resolved to increase the authorized capital by RUB 14,013,888,828 with an additional placement via open subscription. The decision to issue additional shares was registered by the Bank of Russia on August 27, 2018, with the issuance being assigned the registration number of 1-01-55038-E-043D.

The proceeds from the additional issue are going to the construction of 110 kV Pevek-Bilibino high-voltage power lines in Chukotka and to the upcoming refurbishment of the Chaun and Bilibino energy hub following the transformation of the power units at Bilibino NPP, which has reached the end of its service life.

Information on the Company’s shares

  • the governing bodies of the Russian Federation have no special right to participate in the management of the Company (“golden share”);
  • the executive bodies have no information on any interests in the share capital of over 5%, apart from those already disclosed by the Company;
  • the total number of voting shares with breakdown by categories (types): 426,288,813,551 ordinary registered shares. the Company did not issue preferred or ordinary shares with differing par values;
  • the Company does not hold any of its own shares;
  • Company’s subsidiaries hold RusHydro’s shares held by the Company’s subsidiaries were not used in voting at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders that took place on June 27, 2018. 3,852,259,680 shares, or 0.9% of the Company’s authorized capital.
The number of shares at the disposal of the Company’s subsidiaries
Name Number of shares, pcs Share in authorized capital, %
JSC Hydroinvest 3,430,091,314 0.804640
JSC Zaramagskiye HPP 271,302,097 0.063643
PJSC DEK 73,093,031 0.017146
JSC RAO ES East 48,511,987 0.011380
JSC ChirkeyGESstroy 29,205,310 0.006851
PJSC Yakutskenergo 55,941 0.000013