Key developments in 2018

In order to keep the Company’s anti-corruption regulations updated, RusHydro undertook the following in 2018:

  • approved a new Regulation on the Procedure for Accepting, Processing and Responding to the Reports received through RusHydro Group’s Line of Trust Order No. 689 of September 12, 2018., including the following additions and amendments:
    • adding and modifying terms and definitions;
    • updating a list and responsibilities of the officers and divisions in charge of receiving and considering reports received through the Line of Trust;
    • updating the procedure for responding to the reports received through the Line of Trust;
  • amended the Rules of RusHydro’s Line of Trust Operation Order No. 1018 of December 27, change the dial-in hotline number;
  • amended Board of Directors minutes No. 281 of December 27, 2018. the Code of Corporate Ethics in terms of the measures designed to prevent the substantial shareholders’ misconduct in connection with the Company’s transactions involving a conflict of interest, as well as mitigating the effects of such misconduct;
  • approved the Regulations on the Procedure to Report Presents Received by RusHydro’s Employees Order No. 60 of February 5, 2019. updating the reporting procedure and the criteria, limits and restrictions for giving presents and using of representation allowances and hospitality expenses;
  • amended RusHydro’s Regulations on the Prevention and Management of Conflicts of Interest in terms of the procedure for considering notices of potential conflicts of interest of employees holding positions named in the list approved by Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 613 of July 22, 2013 and clarified by the Executive Office of the Government of the Russian Federation (Order No. 44 of January 29, 2019).