Anti-corruption efforts

RusHydro Group’s anti-corruption framework is aligned with the laws of Russia in order to reflect the national policy in internal measures that the Group takes to combat corruption, minimize corruption risks, provide for transparent and honest operations, improve corporate culture, follow best practices of corporate governance, and maintain strong business reputation.


RusHydro and its subsidiaries use a system of corporate policies and standards to regulate anti-corruption measures and define the main objectives, goals and focus areas of activities aimed at preventing and combating corruption. These documents include the Code of Corporate Ethics, Anti-Corruption Policy, Regulations on the Prevention and Management of Conflicts of Interest, Regulations on the Procedure to Report Presents Received by RusHydro’s Employees, RusHydro’s Regulations on the Committees for Compliance with the Corporate Ethics Standards and Management of Conflicts of Interest.

In order to improve the performance of RusHydro’s anti-corruption efforts, the Group has developed and approved the Comprehensive Program of Anti-Corruption Activities for 2016–2019 (the «Program») to define the focus areas of corruption prevention:

  • developing and updating the Company’s anti-corruption regulations and by-laws;
  • providing for transparency and availability of information on the Company’s anti-corruption policy and ensuring employees ’ awareness of anti-corruption legislation;
  • providing for investigations into any reports of wrongdoings;
  • cooperation with state regulatory bodies and law enforcement authorities responsible for combating corruption;
  • measures to prevent wrongdoings by the Company’s employees;
  • enhancing internal controls.